Little Happies at 2016 GaymerX.

Little Happies at 2016 GaymerX.


Little Happies are things that make bring people comfort and happiness in small ways. This includes anything from cute plushies that you might keep by your computer, or a small cupcake in your favorite flavors, or a goofy shirt that you love to wear. Little Happies the game is an over-the-top, bordering on ridiculousness, nod to all the Little Happies out there in the world.

The game was built with Toni Pizza for the Indiecade Arcade at GaymerX 2014. It is a mod of Ninja Shadow Warrior. We refaced the cabinet, reskinned the game, and added the feature of posting to Twitter ( instead of Tumblr.


  • 2016 Indiecade East Showcase: Strange Arcade at the Museum of the Moving Image, NYC [site]
  • 2014, Indiecade Arcade at GaymerX, San Francisco, CA [site]