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Three Little Kittens (2008 - present)

Group Project: Kaho Abe, Jenks Whittenburg.

Three Little Kittens is a casual flash game based on the narrative of the famous story with the same name. The main challenge of making a casual game is to design a very simple game that is engaging enough to keep the player playing and coming back for more. While the interface of the game should be easy to understand and learn, efficient user interaction before and after gameplay is also key. Here are some parts of the process of designing the interface, including: initial hand-sketches, user-experience flow chart, wireframes and screenshots.

Basic Gameplay:
In the game, the user must distribute mittens to the kittens from a stream of mittens at the bottom of the screen, before time runs out. Only when a complete pair is made, the user receives points. There are special bonus mittens which trigger fun animations, when a bonus pair is made on a kitten.