Hacking Cheap Closet Lights to be Obnoxiously Large Game Buttons

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I recently needed an obnoxiously large push button for the Ninja Shadow Warrior game cabinet. I have been working on making the cabinet whimsical by adding oversized elements to it.

I found a 5 dollar pack of 2 lights at Home Depot and took them apart. I then opened it and did the following:

  • I replaced the on-off switch inside the light with a momentary snap switch that is normally open and glued it down.
  • I rewired the snap switch with the usual “button circuit” —  a 10k resistor, ground, voltage, and a wire to pin2 on the Arduino.
  • I rewired the light bulb so that the Arduino can control it from pin8, via reed relay.
  • I mounted it on to the game cabinet

I used the digital Button code example and now I have an obnoxiously large push button made cheaply. I separated the light from the switch part so that the game can flash the button light whenever it wants to bring attention to the push button, even if it hasn’t been pushed yet.

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