X-Lab Post #1

Eyebeam, Ninja Shadow Warrior

In X-labs, Kaho Abe will be testing various phases of development of Ninja Shadow Warrior including play-testing game play and interaction.

What is it?
Ninja Shadow Warrior will be a stand alone arcade game built with a screen and webcam. The goal is to fill out the shadow of an object as accurately as possible. The scores based on accuracy are kept on a leader board. The game structure of Ninja Shadow Warrior naturally supports face-to-face interaction, as more details can be filled out when more people are playing at once. This game will experiment with crowd sourcing content for the shadow object database.

How is it played?
The camera must first be calibrated, by taking a snapshot without the player(s) in camera view. Then the player(s) choose an object, or one is chosen for them. Player(s) have a few seconds to pose, until a snap shot is taken. The score is then tallied according to how well the player(s) have hidden themselves in the shadow of the object, and the score is then shown on the leader board if it is high enough. Eventually, players will be able to email the snapshots to friends or social networking sites.

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