MM5000 Vest

Eyebeam, Face-to-face Games, Mary Mack 5000

Originally the MM5000 shoulder and thigh pads were made from bandanas and D-rings. However, it’s been quite a hassle. They slide off while playing, they take a long time to put on and are equally annoying to take off.

So the solution to this problem is to create a vest interface that is much easier to put on and off. And not only does the vest add to the “rocker” feel of the game, but also it provides a nice surface to mount the sensor pads on to. I found some RJ50, also known as 10P10C cables, which have 10 conductors. They look like ethernet cables and fit into a similar looking jack. These jacks I will place on the vest and the console box. Colin Leipelt constructed the muslin version (center) from paper patterns (right) that I made off of the terribly hideous looking vest (left) I got from a thrift store. I have revised the paper pattern since then to give a more “rocker”, jean-jacket vest type feel silhouette-wise. The vest will be made from black denim and will be appropriately distressed.

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