To Do List for Mary Mack 5000

Eyebeam, Mary Mack 5000, Physical Computing

Shoulder/Lap Pads: I clearly  need to find a better way for people to put on/take off the pads without taking so much time. I have been looking at Neoprene Velcro material like on athletic knee supports sold at drug stores. Seattle Fabrics seem to sell it. Can I do it without losing the “rocker” look?

Enclosure (plastic? metal? wood?) for game for the purpose of:

  • protecting circuit
  • stick to the floor/table so players don’t pull wires out
  • protect circuit, stick on table/floor
  • quick sockets for wires

Circuit: the cleaner, sturdier the better!

  • changing all pots to trimmers so they can’t be changed so easily
  • turn all wires connecting pads to two easy sockets (10 wires ea)**
  • getting new terminal blocks that use 10 wires for each person

Wires!! need to find a way to make cleaner, quicker! Looks like spaghetti right now…

  • find wire with at least 10 conductors (round shape, not flat, black)
  • find quick, sturdy connectors, easy to attach/disconnect


  • neoprene velcro – I am not sure if this will take away from the “rocker” look
  • add the chains, studs, patches


  • must publish on GitHub!
  • Create 2 Arduino code – one for callibration, other for actual game

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