Mary Mack 5000 at Hide & Seek Weekender Festival in London!

Eyebeam, Mary Mack 5000

Wow. The Hide and Seek Weekender Festival has been such an exciting event!

Showing Mary Mack 5000 has been amazing. I got a lot of good feedback and constructive suggestions on how to improve the game. I will write up a to-do list later. It was such a good opportunity to have different people playing the game. I feel as if I was successful in reaching the 2 most important goals of the game:

  1. having a wide variety of people other than little girls playing the game
  2. having people enjoy themselves and the face-to-face experience

Besides showing MM5000, I was able to play a lot of great games at the festival. Some were more experimental than others, while some seemed like they had been tweaked to perfection. I really enjoyed Segue, by EnterPlay where you would control the direction of a live dancer through a game space by holding up musical score cards to a musician. Another game I enjoyed was Noah’s International Lark played with teammates in Delhi, India, where you get points for finding things in common with your long distance teammates.

I was so impressed by the street games community in London. Everyone is so enthusiastic, patient and imaginative. I had many interesting conversations about game play and games and met some really nice people. Photos after the jump….

Flag It Up! Guess what real country this flag might belong to?!

Segue: Band of musicians at the end of the game

Segue: Dancers at the end of the game

National Theatre: The vast space used for the Weekender Festival

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