Mary Mack 5000

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Mary Mack 5000 is a project I have been working on at my Eyebeam fellowship. It’s a game that reintroduces the popular Patty Cake little girl’s games in a hyper, rocked out, digitized version. It uses special finger-less gloves with conductive pads, as well as pads on the thighs and upper arms. The sensors help measure timing and accuracy of two people playing the clapping game, and the score is based on these two factors. A projected interface keeps the players and spectators informed of the score and types of claps.

I am collaborating with Lina Fenequito. There are also some incredible music tracks made by Ray Mancini and Sergey Popovich of Goodswan.

The game debuted last Friday at the Come Out and Play Festival at the Brooklyn Lyceum.

I will be updated more about the development of the game here as it progresses.

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