The Sleeve Station


The Sleeve Station is demonstration tool designed to emphasize the modularity and the flexibility of the Discreet Interfaces system. Four left sleeve interfaces are presented with four distinct styles of fashion: a feminine check blouse, a basic jean jacket, a rugged outdoor rip-stop pullover, and punk with spikes. The user is able to freely choose the sleeve interface to control the single MP3 player located under the Sleeve Station. Each sleeve interface can play, pause, fast forward, increase and decrease volume.

The Sleeve Station demonstration kiosk is comprised of 4 unique sleeve interfaces, a BSX2 microcontroller, a hacked Creative Muvo N200 mp3 Player, 3 shift registers, several relay switches and push-buttons, headphones and a power adapter.

Example: I have a complete music collection on my iPod and I listen to it everyday on the subway. With the modularity of the Discreet Interface system, I can wake up every morning, put on an entirely different outfit and still take advantage of the convenience of carrying and controlling my iPod through my clothing.



  • 2005 International Symposium of Wearable Technology (ISWC) poster demo [poster pdf] [handout pdf]
  • 2005, Annual Parsons Design & Technology Thesis Show, Aronson Gallery, Parsons Newschool for Design