Oh Shit!


Oh Shit! is a board game by Prithvi Virasignhe, Jenks Whittenburg, Donnie Bugdon and me!

Players start the game at “Wok Like an Egyptian” and roll the die to determine how many spaces can be moved each turn. Your impending bowel movements will be depicted on a Poo-Meter that slowly advances from “Squeeky Clean” to full blown “Poopy Pants” as you advance in turns. You must visit the bathroom and successfully empty your bowels or its back to the start with an added item on the shopping list as you must replace the clothes that you just soiled. The bathrooms are not always open! Each player has a collection of Key Cards. When you land on a bathroom space you must match the Key Card corresponding with the bathroom to a Key Card from your hand. If it’s a match then you may relieve yourself and reset the Poo-Meter. If not, then its one step closer to a ruined pair of pants. Once all of the items from the shopping list are purchased then it’s a dash to the parking lot. The first player to buy all their items and make it to the parking lot is the winner.

Read the entire rule set here.