Casual Encounters the Game

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Casual Encounters the Game is the brainchild of the brilliant Jeff Crouse. A bunch of us teamed up with him at the Creator’s Project Art Hack Weekend that took place at Eyebeam in April 2011. Our team, Team Casual, consisted of: Jeff, Amelia Marzec, Jon Cohrs, Aaron Meyers and me! We won Honorable Mention and even got mentioned in Gizmodo. You can play it online here. The code is released by Jeff here.

I specifically worked on the physical interface for the game using the closet lights mod that I wrote about previously in my blog and the Arduino. This large, colorful push button interface coupled with a projector can be used to play the game at parties and events.


  • August 08, 2011: GIZMODO [site]
  • August 08, 2011: The Creator’s Project: “Meet The Winners Of Art Hack Weekend” [site]

More Information

  • Online version of Casual Encounters the Game [site]
  • Code released by Jeff on GitHub [site]
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