X-lab Post #3

Eyebeam, Ninja Shadow Warrior

Updated Description of Ninja Shadow Warrior:

Ninja Shadow Warrior will be a stand alone photo booth arcade game using the Kinect camera, computer and eventually a touch screen. As the ninja, the player must use ninja magic to hide, by “becoming” objects. The objects become progressively difficult to “become,” as each level is cleared. The highest score achieved during a game will be posted on ninjashadowwarrior.tumblr.com and there will also be a leader board incorporated into the game.

The game promotes face-to-face cooperative interaction through strategy, as multiple ninjas can fill out object silhouettes more accurately.

This project is currently a work in progress in X-lab. If I am not working on it, it will be available for testing. Try it out and visit us at ninjashadowwarrior.tumblr.com!

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