To Do List for Kagemusha: Shadow Warrior

Eyebeam, Face-to-face Games, Ninja Shadow Warrior

Coding: Finish coding game in Processing

Research Social Software: check out open source software like Drupal. Need to be able to do following:

  • Can upload photos to
  • Can draw on photos and saves that image
  • Can have people register individually and then create teams
  • Individuals can keep accounts which are then connected to teams
  • Individuals can score or rank images
  • Game results by groups can be posted on a leaderboard
  • Detailed results of a game (score, snapshot, ranking) can be shown
  • Results of a game can be sent via email to anyone
  • Can connect somewhat seamlessly to the actual game coded in Processing

Start Thinking About Harware and Enclosure:

  • computer/laptop
  • screen
  • camera
  • arcade game like interface: push buttons
  • wooden standalone game enclosure reminiscent of arcade games

Kagemusha: Shadow Warrior

Eyebeam, Face-to-face Games, Ninja Shadow Warrior

Kagemusha: Shadow Warrior is a new game I have been working on. It is a stand alone arcade game built with a screen and webcam. The goal is to fill out the shadow of an object as accurately as possible. Scores based on accuracy are kept on a leaderboard. The game structure of Shadow Warrior naturally supports face-to-face interaction, as more details can be filled out when more people are playing at once. This game will experiment with crowd sourcing content for the shadow object database.

To Do List for Mary Mack 5000

Eyebeam, Mary Mack 5000, Physical Computing

Shoulder/Lap Pads: I clearly  need to find a better way for people to put on/take off the pads without taking so much time. I have been looking at Neoprene Velcro material like on athletic knee supports sold at drug stores. Seattle Fabrics seem to sell it. Can I do it without losing the “rocker” look?

Enclosure (plastic? metal? wood?) for game for the purpose of:

  • protecting circuit
  • stick to the floor/table so players don’t pull wires out
  • protect circuit, stick on table/floor
  • quick sockets for wires

Circuit: the cleaner, sturdier the better!

  • changing all pots to trimmers so they can’t be changed so easily
  • turn all wires connecting pads to two easy sockets (10 wires ea)**
  • getting new terminal blocks that use 10 wires for each person

Wires!! need to find a way to make cleaner, quicker! Looks like spaghetti right now…

  • find wire with at least 10 conductors (round shape, not flat, black)
  • find quick, sturdy connectors, easy to attach/disconnect


  • neoprene velcro – I am not sure if this will take away from the “rocker” look
  • add the chains, studs, patches


  • must publish on GitHub!
  • Create 2 Arduino code – one for callibration, other for actual game

Mary Mack 5000 at Hide & Seek Weekender Festival in London!

Eyebeam, Mary Mack 5000

Wow. The Hide and Seek Weekender Festival has been such an exciting event!

Showing Mary Mack 5000 has been amazing. I got a lot of good feedback and constructive suggestions on how to improve the game. I will write up a to-do list later. It was such a good opportunity to have different people playing the game. I feel as if I was successful in reaching the 2 most important goals of the game:

  1. having a wide variety of people other than little girls playing the game
  2. having people enjoy themselves and the face-to-face experience

Besides showing MM5000, I was able to play a lot of great games at the festival. Some were more experimental than others, while some seemed like they had been tweaked to perfection. I really enjoyed Segue, by EnterPlay where you would control the direction of a live dancer through a game space by holding up musical score cards to a musician. Another game I enjoyed was Noah’s International Lark played with teammates in Delhi, India, where you get points for finding things in common with your long distance teammates.

I was so impressed by the street games community in London. Everyone is so enthusiastic, patient and imaginative. I had many interesting conversations about game play and games and met some really nice people. Photos after the jump….

I <3 kits.


Yesterday in a meeting we were talking about kits, and I got shivers down my spine. I love kits. Kits, kits, kits.  And I was attempting to explain in the meeting why I love kits so much and I think I narrowed it down to the Unboxing of the Kit. Nothing is more exciting when you open the kit and lay out all the things that came with it. Whatever that visual uniformity is that screams the pieces belong together in a kit or perhaps it is the comfort in the idea that the kit is complete — it’s all you will ever need! Some kits that I love:

First Aid Kits, Sewing Kits, Stationary Kits, Craft Kits, Robot Kits.

My favorite thing last year was when I sent a friend a felt strawberry shortcake keychain kit, and I had to translate the instructions cause they were written in Japanese. The “Items Included” on the instructions included the instructions!

I <3 kits.