Monthly Archives: April 2010

Curling Photo Booth

This is the first project I did at Eyebeam. It was for the "Olympiad" mixer that took place on March 12&13th, 2010. The following materials were used for the curling stone hat: Red & Silver Pleather Batting - to give the puffy look in the silver area Cardboard - to stiffen the vertical part of the side of the stone, to give shape to the red top Stiff wire - to stiffen handle part Glue gun - to stick top to metal stone One person would get under the stage, stick their head Read more [...]

More Size & Whimsy!

On this Times article. What… is this a recession trend? I always wanted a doll house when I was little, instead I made clothes for my Rica-chan (Japanese version of Barbie, without the ridiculous top heaviness). In any case, miniature is fun and cool!

Physically Interactive Playground Games/Play

Here is an on going list of physically interactive games I played growing up: Red Rose Garden This was best played on someone completely oblivious to what this is. The initiator basically goes through the whole planting process: tilling the soil, planting the seeds, water, thunderstorms, until finally the victim's arm is so red, it looks literally like a red rose garden. Me Chinese, Me Play Joke, Me Put Pee Pee in Your Coke Terribly racist, but who knew at the time? The initiator guides the victim Read more [...]