Monthly Archives: March 2010

Potato Orchestra

Potato Powered Buzzer from Kaho A on Vimeo.I have been working on making a workshop. First I wanted to use potatoes to power sound generators, but I realized that the potatoes do not make enough current. I need like hundreds to make decent current. With a parallel/serial combo configuration I was able to make roughly 1.5V with something less than 1mA. This is enough to power a low-voltage piezo buzzer. It's faint but it will do! I tried lemons and different cuts for both the lemons and potatoes, Read more [...]

Musee Mecanique

Musee Mecanique is in San Francisco, and I would always take people here if they were visiting. It’s like, the OLDEST game arcade I know. My favorite kiosk is of a horrific scene of a Opium Den. The photos above are of a two-player boxing game.

Arcades in the 80’s, before consoles

I haven't been to the Chinatown Arcade in since I moved back, but a few years ago when I went, it was like stepping into a time machine, back to the arcades of the 80's. I love that nostalgic sound of a quarter getting slapped down on the glass. It only seemed like yesterday, the excitement I felt claiming my position in line to challenge the winner, even though I knew I would get my ass kicked like usual! Anyways, I digress... At the Chinatown Arcade people still gather around exciting games Read more [...]

Size & Whimsy

Games can always create a playful atmosphere. But besides the actual game, there are other things that can create a playful effect -- for example whimsical play on sizing. Something as mundane as a power strip can become cool and fun with a miniature city built on top! From Boing Boing. Read more [...]