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Movies as Inspiration for Physical Games & Jean-Claude Van Jam

While I do tend to like foreign films and independent films most, I have always had a soft spot for action films, even the gratuitously violent ones. No matter how fantastical or b-class it might be, I find myself jumping in my seat, cringing, cheering for the good guy and on occasion covering my mouth in disbelief. I am a sucker for this stuff, no doubt. When I designed Hit Me! I was looking for inspiration -- anything -- with the idea in mind that I wanted to create a game that was intense and Read more [...]

Games, the Body and Costume

After working on Mary Mack 5000 and adding the rocker vests with the sensors, I think I understand more not only how technology can enhance the game experience, but also how costumes can. Sure, I could have kept the sensors on bandana straps, but the vest was more stable -- kept the sensors together in a neat pack so it was easier to put on and take off. But more importantly it also added to the immersive game experience. I think there is a lot of room for incorporating various technology beyond Read more [...]

I <3 kits.

Yesterday in a meeting we were talking about kits, and I got shivers down my spine. I love kits. Kits, kits, kits.  And I was attempting to explain in the meeting why I love kits so much and I think I narrowed it down to the Unboxing of the Kit. Nothing is more exciting when you open the kit and lay out all the things that came with it. Whatever that visual uniformity is that screams the pieces belong together in a kit or perhaps it is the comfort in the idea that the kit is complete -- it's all Read more [...]

More Size & Whimsy!

On this Times article. What… is this a recession trend? I always wanted a doll house when I was little, instead I made clothes for my Rica-chan (Japanese version of Barbie, without the ridiculous top heaviness). In any case, miniature is fun and cool!

Physically Interactive Playground Games/Play

Here is an on going list of physically interactive games I played growing up: Red Rose Garden This was best played on someone completely oblivious to what this is. The initiator basically goes through the whole planting process: tilling the soil, planting the seeds, water, thunderstorms, until finally the victim's arm is so red, it looks literally like a red rose garden. Me Chinese, Me Play Joke, Me Put Pee Pee in Your Coke Terribly racist, but who knew at the time? The initiator guides the victim Read more [...]

Musee Mecanique

Musee Mecanique is in San Francisco, and I would always take people here if they were visiting. It’s like, the OLDEST game arcade I know. My favorite kiosk is of a horrific scene of a Opium Den. The photos above are of a two-player boxing game.

Size & Whimsy

Games can always create a playful atmosphere. But besides the actual game, there are other things that can create a playful effect -- for example whimsical play on sizing. Something as mundane as a power strip can become cool and fun with a miniature city built on top! From Boing Boing. Read more [...]