X-lab Post #2



It’s important to be able to read the player’s silhouette as accurately as possible to make the game fair. I need a way to easily extract the background.

Green Screen: I took some green screen paint and started to make a green screen. I the attempted to use Processing to control the cameras turning off auto gain and auto exposure. But with the initial calibration screen shot and the game screen shot, there maybe too much uncertainty.

IR Camera: I purchased a cheap IR webcam to test taking screen shots of silhouettes. If I can build a photobooth type box, I can control the lighting and take an IR photo of the player in the dark. This would cut back on the uncertainty, that the green screen method has.

Currently, I am building a mock photobooth to test lighting conditions.

Arcades in the 80’s, before consoles


I haven’t been to the Chinatown Arcade in since I moved back, but a few years ago when I went, it was like stepping into a time machine, back to the arcades of the 80’s. I love that nostalgic sound of a quarter getting slapped down on the glass. It only seemed like yesterday, the excitement I felt claiming my position in line to challenge the winner, even though I knew I would get my ass kicked like usual! Anyways, I digress…

At the Chinatown Arcade people still gather around exciting games watching and cheering on players. The spectator role here is pretty significant. How many places are like this nowadays? (Maybe at street basketball games? W4th Street?) I am sure there are regulars who reign. The meta-game (one of the things I will refer to often) here is rich!

I remember in the 80’s in Tokyo, before consoles got popular and people started to stay inside to play games, there were huge, lavish arcades packed with people around the city. My sis and I would go play our favorite — the multi player racing car games — the stations would always be surrounded by people watching and waiting to play. I haven’t seen a crowd like that around arcade games since!